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A NFC wristband with everything in one place, simple and easy to use.

Who are we?

Aurea Pay & Pass offers technological solutions for access control and cashless payment using NFC/RFID technology.

At Aurea we offer:

Trust Aurea for NFC wristbands with a unique and exclusive design, providing your users a distinctive and novel edge. Be it a bracelet, a card or keyfob. We use unique designs to give extra value to our products. Our clients can be part of a group and at the same time differentiate themselves via their unique wristband.

Our solution further develops the Qing CRM platform developed by Tecnalia, lead investor in Aurea Pay & Pass and the technological a leading Research and Technological Development Centre in Europe. Our solution works as a closed loop for a contactless and cashless only solution, or can be integrated into a payment gateway to offer a hybrid payment system with mutiple methods allowed: credit cards, cash, prepaid with NFC bracelets.

What do we offer? For who?

An RFID/NFC solution which can be integrated into any format (wristband, card, etc.) and adapted to any kind of group or entity that wants to offers its users a new, agile, efficient payment experience. It belongs to a specific user group but at the same time can interact with other RFID/NFC access control devices.

Hotels & Resorts

Ski Slopes

Sports Stadiums

Theme parks

Water Parks

Universties and Schools


What do we offer solutions for?

Cloud platform
Android IOS
Cashless payment
Cashless payment
System 1
System 2
System 3
System 4
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Payment via a closed loop system or hybrid system (where both a prepaid system and traditional payment methods using Visa, Amex, Mastercard, etc. are possible).

Access control which is compatible with RFID/NFC systems.

Design, installation, set-up and maintenance of access control solutions: turnstiles, gates, etc.

Technical assistance and a 24/7 help desk in several languages.

Management of the digital wallet via our App, available for iOs and Android.

Easy Cross-Selling and Upselling with promotions or discounts, etc.

Smart “Big Data” management for identifying relevant customer journey touchpoints and designing customer loyalty action plans.

Design of wristbands with RFID/NFC technology. We also offer designs to custom customer specifications. We have support Tecnalia, the leading European development centre.

We offer a wide range of options to satisfy all needs, and we can adapt to all formats, from a unique silicon wristband to a fabric or wooden wristband, a card or keyfob, always with a distinctive design in mind.

How does the system work?

Cloud platform
Android IOS
Cashless payment
Cashless payment
Cashless payment
System 1
System 2
System 3
System 4
System 5
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Why choose AUREA?

Because AUREA is unique and there is no other product on the market which integrates payment systems, access control, smart “Big Data” management, loyalty programmes, cross-selling and upselling actions, real time reporting, package creation, etc.


Because we are flexible and adapt to the needs of our customers.


Because we offer maximum security (payment gateway with a PCI DSS certificate).


Because there is no one else like us in the market.

Because we offer unique wristband designs and a unique and innovative format, which allows users to enjoy a better experience and show their association with the brand.


End user APP


  • Management of multiple wristbands, e.g. children.

  • Loading credit / top-up options with card tokenization for one click process.

  • Real time follow up of orders & payment from application.

  • Expense control and purchase log.

  • Reservations to events/services.

  • Product offers and FAQ messages.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

    Contact details

    Carrer Gomis 34
    08023 Barcelona

    932 388 446